An October day

by nmskylla

I recently had a birthday, on a beautiful October day, with clear skies and sunshineNAD_8023

I’m a lucky girl, to have a wonderful husband who took the day off to spend with me, and we made the most of it!

We started with coffee and a walk in Steveston, then headed north to the ferry terminal to catch a ride across to Bowen Island.NAD_8047

Bowen is one of my favourite places, especially in the fall. The air is crisp, the main street is quaint, and there are so many places to walk outside and enjoy the views.

We took along a little picnic lunch with cheese, grape tomatoes, and hummus, and found some amazing baguettes in the general store up the hill. After refreshment, we strolled in the sun and paused to watch the cove from a park bench on the boardwalk.

The afternoon passed really quickly, and before long, the ferry was pulling into the terminal. We decided to get in line and catch this one home, instead of waiting another hour for the next boat, which would land us in the midst of rush hour traffic.

We weren’t ready to home, though, so we detoured to Granville Island. The place was crowded! Packs of private school kids roamed the allies, still dressed in their uniforms, and cars circled the island looking for the best parking spots.
Inside the market, people were buying ingredients for dinner, and it was tough to maneuver around everyone.

Heading back to the car was a slower walk than when we’d left it, as I was tuckered right out. We’d planned to go out for dinner, but now just going home to some comfy clothes and stripping off my shoes and socks seemed like a better idea.
Lucky for me, my husband is a chef, so he whipped up a fabulous dinner and we watched a funny movie.

By 10pm, we were both starting to doze off in front of the tv; a sure sign of a full and awesome day!

It was the perfect way to celebrate another year in the books, and start the new year off in a great way.

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Brazilian artists have transformed the cement silos at Granville Island’s Ocean Concrete.