Tofino… and a toddler

by nmskylla

Tofino is one of our favourite places in the whole world. It’s our place of relaxation, and our place to reconnect and chill out. Somehow we thought that bringing our darling 14-month old son wouldn’t change that zen vibe… we were very very wrong!

We had rented a one-bedroom suite and he slept in a playpen in our room. He’s used to sleeping in his own room, and it had been a while since he’d been in a hotel room with us, so we wondered how this would go. The first night he slept through but woke at 5am with a slight temperature: teething. The second day he sounded like he was waking at 5am but actually stayed asleep; I did not. At least i got to enjoy a few hours of watching the surf outside our window and enjoying coffee in silence.

The third, fourth and fifth night kind of run together. There was very little sleep and a lot of crying (some of mine, some of his), and it made for some short-tempered days. During daytime he pulled out this ear-piercing screech from his bag of tricks and used it constantly; when he was mad, sad, happy, or excited. We kept waiting for a knock at the door, complaining about the noise.

It wasn’t a relaxing trip at all, but there were some highlights. Our little boy was just starting to take his first steps before we left on our trip, and he used this time to practice his new skill. In the first days, he’d scream in excitement as he sumo-walked across the room, and by the end of the trip he was toodling around like it was no big deal. Meanwhile we would stop everything to watch like each time was the first time. And we got some great walks on the beach (in the rain, because it didn’t stop…ever).

We also got to stop at Wally Creek where there is a love-lock fence, and my romantic husband clicked on a lock he’d brought and etched with our initials.

At the end of the trip, while we drove home, we marvelled at how awful the trip had seemed (sleep deprivation will do that). A day later, at home, I couldn’t remember why it had seemed so bad. I remember only the moments that made it great: our baby’s early steps, his little hands in ours while we walked the beach, a lock of love on a chain-link fence, and one evening on the patio of our suite with wine and waves while cuddled under a blanket and catching up.

We’ll go back next year, confident of course that he’ll be so much better “this time”! Only time will tell…

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