August in Steveston

by nmskylla

Well, with only one day off to spend with my husband this weekend, we stayed close to home.  We decided to take a walk down to Steveston, and while I haven’t been feeling terribly inspired lately, I still carried my camera with me.

Though it was cloudy, it stayed really really warm, and I should have thought twice about my choice in footwear, as my feet slid and sweated inside my slip-on sneakers.  Too much info for you?  Yah, probably.  haha!

But I got a few pics I like… got to spend a great day with my husband… and got to stretch our legs.  Not a bad day all in all 🙂

Steveston shots are here

And I took a few shots of our One-Eyed Susans (that’s a flower, not a girl) in the back garden. I love their rag-tag style and bright yellow colour… though I’ve noticed that other people’s Susans aren’t so rag-tag…. so… not sure what’s up in our yard.