Photo Walk

by nmskylla

On Saturday, I was invited by friend to join her on a Worldwide Photo Walk in Steveston — my favourite place!

I didn’t know what to expect at all, knowing only where to meet, and that there was a maximum of 50 people signed up… so I pictured a horde of us stomping through the lanes of Steveston with our cameras swinging from our necks, snapping at anything that took our fancy.

Well, it wasn’t quite that.  We met at the appointed hour, but were given free reign from there, and if I was an outsider looking in, it would have only appeared as though there were more people with cameras in Steveston that day, rather than any kind of organized event.

The best part was, I got to spend time with a friend I haven’t seen in years (thank you, Trudy!), and it was the perfect day for a wander while playing with my camera. 🙂

I’ve included some pics, here in my Steveston collection 🙂