Steveston in November

by nmskylla

Well, Sunday unexpectedly turned out to be the better of the two days in the weekend, so I headed down to Steveston, grabbing my scarf on the way out the door — you know, just in case….

Turns out, I should have grabbed a toque (ski cap (?), for you Americans), gloves, a winter coat, and maybe a second scarf!

There was a little sun trying to make its way through the cloud, and certainly it wasn’t raining… but boy was it cold!

I kept my camera around my neck, with one hand on it to keep it from swinging too much, and within minutes, my fingers started going numb with the cold.  What was I doing??  But I fought the urge to put the camera back in my bag, in case the moment happened that I could capture an image that might never occur again.

Maybe I didn’t capture any “never-again” moments, but I caught a couple of pics…… which I’ve added to my Steveston album.
No matter the day, no matter the mood…. Steveston always seems to be able to return me to myself.