Tofino 2015

by nmskylla

Ahhhh… Tofino.  I love that little surfing town. It was a favourite escape for us years ago, and after a long time away, we went back again last year for our 15th wedding anniversary. This past week, we went again for our 16th.

Within a day, I feel the knots in my shoulders unwind, and the stress leak out through my bare toes as we walk the beach.

It’s a funny thing… I don’t normally like beaches; crowded, soft sand that is hard to walk in, the sent of sunscreen and music blasting with competing noise… But Tofino beaches in March are a different thing. They are mostly hard-packed sand, beat at and compressed by centuries of crashing waves. There are no beach blankets or sunbathers, just die-hard surfers dressed head to toe in neoprene, trying to catch the best waves. I love the sound of roaring ocean, and the gifts of shells and round stones each tide tosses up on the beach.

I also have no desire to surf, but found myself captivated by the surfers we watched. We watched for hours, as dozens of surfers bobbed in the waves or slid down the crests. I think you’ll see some of this fascination in my pictures.

So, another Tofino getaway is behind us, and we have fond memories to keep us going until we return, hopefully, next year.

Of course, we also have a few photos to keep those memories fresh 🙂